Tuesday, September 2, 1980

Tuesday September 2nd

Today I got up at 7.30, because I was going to school to resolve my time-table problems. I was surprised on the way there because I didn’t see any 3rd, 4th or 5th years trooping in to school.

I arrived at about 8.40 a.m., to find about 15 other people already in (Tracey Booth, Lynn Norden, Wendy Heath, Abbott, Stephen Dodds, Julie Crabtree etc . . . .) and I passed the time on by discovering other peoples’ results – Mark Hardy got 7 (1 A; 2 B’s and 4 C’s) while Stephen only got 3.

Mr Ingham came in after about an hour and called out my name and I followed him into the 6th form Library. I still hadn’t really decided on my final subject choice and, after discussing it, we decided on History, English and Biology or Maths. Retaking CSE French wasn’t mentioned.

I was quite relieved to get it all off my chest and I walked home with Gary Abbott. Dad was still in bed when I got back, so I took the cat out for a walk and just generally farted around wasting my time.

Dad got up at about two and watched the Centenary Test on TV, England needing 385 to win but Botham cornily deciding to play out for a draw (Boycott got 100+), eventually ending at 243-3. During the afternoon, Dad had to go take his car in for its MoT which it failed because of poor front suspension and suspect steering. He was a bit annoyed, especially since he’s only just got it back from its 12000 mile service.

In the evening I listened to Radio North Sports Special which featured regular match reports from Sheffield. I was praying for the impossible but, predictably, Sheffield won 5-1 with three from McCulloch. I bet if he’d played in the first leg we wouldn’t have won. It was estimated that Athletic fans numbered 500 out of a total gate of 7000. Now that that’s over, we can concentrate on getting out of the Northern Alliance.

Today was a pretty nondescript day. I was really just filling in time until tomorrow I suppose. I should’ve got my pens, books etc. ready. Why am I so lethargic?

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