Sunday, September 21, 1980

Sunday September 21st

The whole day was spent writing up an essay due in for Monday entitled – “’A great power cannot wait’ – Discuss this view in relation to Witte’s policy of industrialisation.” I had all the background and notes to the thing – it was just the actual slotting together of the pieces I had to do – and surprisingly I found this difficult (that last statement sounds immodest!). As I completed what I thought was a comprehensive paragraph I thought up another good bit so I kept constantly altering it. The essay took me from about one until seven or eight in the evening, and was about two-and-half sides of narrow feint foolscap (A4), which in my handwriting means about 1500 words. I was left with a niggling feeling that it was too short. At least now I know that I could answer an essay on Witte pretty fully – writing out an essay ingrains it on the memory.

In the evening, after having my hair washed, I got my books and folders ready for tomorrow and generally felt satisfied.

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