Sunday, September 7, 1980

Sunday September 7th

Another full day of racing. We had intended getting up at five to watch sunrise over the sea but inevitably we awoke at about eight. Breakfast was at 8.45 a.m. and we ate hurriedly because already practice could be heard up on Oliver’s Mount. Since Sunday is always the “big” day, to is usually packed so we wanted to get a good place.

As we rushed up the mile or so to the circuit we were kicking ourselves for not getting up early. I cast wistful glances at the sea.

Surprisingly enough, not many people were there although the weather was superb, so we were able to move around a fair bit.

The highlights of the racing were the two MCN Superbike races, Sheene won one, and Potter the other and their aggregate times over the two legs were identical to the .1s of a second. All the while, Andrew clicked away with his camera and ended up using four 36-exposure films.

We came away feeling really satisfied. Although at first I wasn’t 100% into this weekend, I ended up really glad I’d made the effort to come.

We had a fair walk to the station, and I said goodbye to the sea for another year at least, still as remote and magical as ever. We had an hours wait till the train was due out, so we looked at a HMV record shop nearby where I saw, and wanted, Santana’s latest album, a “Oneness” type double.

Chaos reigned as we tried to find out which part of the train went to York only and tried not to be on it. We reached Easterby at nine-thirty.

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