Thursday, September 11, 1980

Thursday September 11th

Today virtually identical to yesterday. I got in late – 8.50 a.m – and realized that I’d missed the 6th and 7th year’s school photograph. I had no lesson until English at 12.30 so I spent the time sat in the library with Jeremy Beaumont, Deborah Blakey, Dawn Jagger, Julie Crabtree, Duncan Verity; listening to the latter annoying 7th formers trying to work. He really does create enemies with his pompous and loud-mouthed ways.

While I sat in there I was quite interested to hear a conversation between Angela Reid and a 7th former, the latter saying how the current 7ths regard the new 6ths with a bit of animosity – according to her we are much more forward than they were, and this is causing a bit of bad feeling. Also D. Verity & Co. have something to do with it somewhere.

I’m getting on quite well with Deborah Blakey. It’s like I explained yesterday – she doesn’t kind of expect me to live up to any kind of image.

In English we had the second half of “Heil Caesar in P1, and then we had Hirst again, this time in M1.

At teatime Andrew brought me Devadip’s new album – “The Swing of Delight” – which is the most jazzy yet (I’d given him £5.00 yesterday), and I spent most of the evening playing records upstairs with John. Tomorrow is his last day at Cole’s. He goes back in 12 days time.

I watched Part 1 of a four part documentary series about the ancient Greeks, about their customs and ideas and how they affect us today. They were really amazing to say they lived 2000+ years ago – some of the ideas and concepts they harbored didn’t appear in Europe until this Century and still haven’t in some areas (USSR, etc.).

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