Monday, September 15, 1980

Monday September 15th

History today was quite good. We finished off Witte’s policy of industrialisation and I got down to filling in my notes in a readable, logical manner. Biology was uneventful (we looked in vain for small, unicellular animals in water taken from the Biology Pond) and I suppose the only event worthy of comment today was Art Club, after school.

I made my first visit to the Art Club for months only because I’d forgotten my key and it was raining, but I enjoyed it more than I expected. I drew a mannequin’s head, one of those giraffe-necked gold-painted ones, and I was so pleased with the results that I started regretting not taking Art ‘A’ level. Not being big-headed, but I have got a talent which I never ever use, and it is a bit of a waste.

Then though, as I was reflecting, it suddenly struck me that I could after all do Art. The course is held at Farnshaw college from 4-6 p.m every Tuesday and Thursday and if inept people like Tommy Whelan have the gall to try, I’m sure I could do it. The only drawback is the amount of extra work involved – do I really realise how much is involved? Four ‘A’ levels?

I got home feeling in a good mood over my prospects.

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