Wednesday, September 10, 1980

Wednesday September 10th

God, I’m getting so monotonous these days. I might as well start putting ‘ditto’ under each date.

I had no lessons until half-twelve, when we all trooped down to English Literature with Mrs Slicer in P1. We were shown a modern adaptation of Julius Caesar called “Heil Caesar,” set in 1986 – I’ve seen it before but it is quite good.

It’s amazing how your relationships with people alter when you're in the sixth form – somehow things, especially with the girls, become more involved and friendly. Dawn Jagger seems pretty aloof and haughty, but then I don’t suppose I’m lively enough for her. Julie C. – who knows? People like Deborah Blakey, Michelle Cliff, Claire Pearson and Mandy Jenkinson just seem willing to accept me at face value. They don’t expect anything.

Hirst’s lesson in P18 was another pretty dry lecture about types of novels – realism and the like – and I bet I’ll come to hate her lessons.

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