Thursday, September 4, 1980

Thursday September 4th

Similar to yesterday. I got to school a bit late again and found that everyone had been split into registration groups. Along with Trevor Woodrow and Darren Busfield, who also had arrived late, I went to Mr Ingham who told me that I was in P19 with Mrs Newsholme – good. I quite like her.

For most of the morning I sat in the common room talking but mostly listening to Duncan Verity commanding the attention of Angela Reid, Sharon Ashton and Dawn Jagger. Do I detect jealousy here? When it comes down to it, I’m full of pretty childish and trivial attitudes such as jealousy (mainly jealousy) and love of image-making. When I’m home and I think about these things I see Richard Pryor types on television and I think, I’ll be just like that at school tomorrow, cool, witty and generally appealing. But when the crunch comes I’m reduced to my inevitable lack of ability to make conversation, my pathetic monosyllabic dialogues, forced and sheepish smiles and flustered feelings. I often think what a boring, constrained, dead person I must seem.

At 12.29 I had dinner (fish fingers, roast potatoes and sponge stuff) and then English Literature. At the moment, I’m having only two lessons (History and Literature) instead of three. This is because I want to do Biology but this clashes with History, so the wheels of authority mess is being sorted out. I was pretty pleased when, during dinner, Newsholme came across and asked me whether or not I’d got my timetable resolved. I said I hadn’t and that Mr Wilson was probably going to be able to sort Biology out (at least that’s the impression I got this morning). Newsholme said “Great,” leaving me feeling pretty good. At least I seem to be wanted somewhere!!

My first Lit. lesson was with Slicer again (Julius Caesar – read by next Wednesday) and then Hirst in M1 to discuss the role and definition of a novel. All highbrow stuff!!

Most of my evening was spent doing homework again. I read most of “The Russian Revolution” for History, and I know that that is one subject I really am going to enjoy.

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