Sunday, September 14, 1980

Sunday September 14th

I slept in the front room and was awoken at about nine by Robert. After looking at his bird-stamp collection (he’s got about two albums full), we decided to set off for a walk, Robert and Carol being eager to show me how rural their area is.

The weather was quite good as we set off, and we ended up walking through fields and along narrow country lanes, doing about 6 or 7 miles in all. The countryside around Swinscoe is nearly all agricultural, so we did quite a lot of walking along roads, ending up at Austen (where we had a drink at the pub' there). For much of the walk, Robert and I talked about his football league, which has just finished its 30th season. He includes only Northern clubs (Gateshead have been League Champions for the last two seasons). To an outsider, this playing around with imaginary leagues may seem childish. I suppose in a way it is, but I get real enjoyment out of playing out make-believe league cups, FA Cups and promotion and relegation sagas, and I know Robert must too. Carol said that over a period of time you get quite involved with all the various teams and divisions.

We got back at about quarter to four and I then faced the weary journey back. I really wasn’t looking forward to this. What a trudge! I got back at around half-eight, after completing yet another Marathon journey on my own. I’m getting quite used to fumbling my way through life as an individual using my own initiative.

I watched “The Battle of Britain” film (it’s 40th anniversary week this week) when I got home.

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