Monday, September 29, 1980

Monday September 29th

Nothing at all worth writing about happened. First two lessons were free and we had History and then Biology. They passed off in the usual manner – uneventful – the former concerned with the 1905 “Revolution,” the latter about organelles inside cells.

Just recently, I have started spending a lot of my time with Jeremy Beaumont, Lee Hoy and Duncan Verity, talking, joking and listening to them, and really we have become quite friendly. Hoy and Verity have not changed one little bit from the days of Lodgehill, still the same, spiteful, funny and amusing people Grant Riley knew.

That’s it really. Nothing else much to say except that I watched “Panorama” in the evening about the Gulf War (now in its second week), and the Labour Party Conference in Brighton, which began today.

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