Wednesday, September 17, 1980

Wednesday September 17th

Today I researched into the possible courses available to me at University from “The Compendium of University Entrance Requirements 1980-81.” I wrote them down and got through the ‘A’s. I intend to continue tomorrow. There are a few (i.e. 13) Archaeology courses open to me, combining Archaeology with subjects like Ancient History (Lancaster) or Anthropology (Cambridge). Although I fancy a course such as this, I’m not quite sure whether this would be too restrictive and narrow an area to work in (as far as jobs are concerned), although I’m not really bothered about job prospects. All I want is an opportunity to travel.

One course which caught my eye was one called “American Studies” at East Anglia. The thing which really hooked me was the line: “. . . including one year in USA . . .” That would be an easy opportunity and also an ace experience. There are also courses at Birmingham in “African Studies” (imagine living in Mozambique or Kenya!!). What I would do afterwards, I haven’t a clue!

After spending most of my morning in the 6th year library doing the above and talking to Claire Pearson, I went to see Wilson to confirm my Art ‘A’ level course place. I’ve to go along at 4 p.m. on Thursday to Farnshaw college.

English Literature consisted of the usual fairly dry reading – “Persuasion” and “Anthony & Cleopatra” – and most of the class seemed bored and listless, especially in Hirst’s lesson.

The evening was spent, as usual, playing records and sitting about. Andrew has packed most of his stuff up and is sending it all down by train tomorrow, and I’ve got to help him transport it down to Schofield Street.

Athletic beat Brunswick Town 2-0 but I didn’t go because of financial reasons (I’ve got £5.50 to cough up for Friday for EGS Film Society and a theatre visit to Manchester), and at the moment I’m in a pretty depressing situation as far as money (or lack of it) is concerned.

An Ecology Party leaflet came through the door this evening, and Andrew was thinking of joining them. He voted Ecology at the last election and although he said he supports their views he prefers to remain one of the anonymous, silent majority. He said he’d be against joining because it would mean becoming involved and probably very political and even tiresome. I know what he means though, and in a funny way it is a matter of pride to me that I’m totally uninvolved with any representational groups like that, an objective bystander in effect. It’s a corny kind of independence thing I think.

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