Monday, September 8, 1980

Monday September 8th

School again, and my first history lessons of the course with Ingham in C7. We discussed the background of pre-Revolutionary Russia, the peasants as serfs, land emancipation in 1861, and “Autocracy, Orthodoxy and Nationality.” Compared to the ‘O’ level, this is going to be heavy (with a capital H), with vast amounts of reading to do.

Our Biology lesson today was our first with Wade, with who we will be doing practical (and probably more enjoyable) work. We scraped cells from our cheek lining onto a microscope slide – that was about all.

Robert rang at about teatime to ask me if I want to go across to his flat in Swinton on the bus on Saturday. Mum told him about George’s recent misdemeanours and more or less indicated that she would be happier without him.

As is probably apparent, today is best forgotten, which shouldn’t be too difficult!

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