Friday, December 5, 1980

Friday December 5th

Mum woke me up at about half past seven. I was off school because today is one of the extra days that’s allocated every so often. Annoyingly I drifted back to sleep again and eventually got up at eleven to the accompaniment of Offenbach at full volume.

I lounged around talking to Dad until twelve when we set off into Easterby (Dad was on at two). I left Dad on Thomas Street car park and went immediately to Queensgate Smith’s. The weather was foul once more – I really hate walking in wind and spattering rain – so I spent ages in Smith’s where I saw Angela Reid and her boyfriend before going to Jones, the second hand book place opposite Woolworth. It was indecision time again – I just couldn’t make my mind up as to what to buy everyone or whether I should buy Robert, Carol and Andrew anything else to go with what I’ve already bought.

As soon as I came out of Jones I saw Mrs Wade, then, a few minutes later Richard Houlding and finally Angela Reid + boyfriend again outside HMV.

I got home at about four without having bought a thing. Three hours in Easterby and all I spent was 44 pence on busfare. There’s only a couple of weeks left now until Christmas.

Mum came home at about half-past four and something she said just after tea set me off worrying again. She asked if I was going to buy anything for Pearson so I told her that I’d bought her a card. She then said that it wouldn’t “be nice” if I didn’t buy her something on the night. If I do it’ll have to be a box of chocolates – I’ve just thought though; if I did now I’d only be buying something to appease other people, not out of thoughtfulness – if Mum hadn’t said anything I would never have given it a second thought.

I passed the evening away listening to records upstairs or watching the box – “Steptoe and Son,” “Starsky and Hutch” etc.,. Days really go quickly nowadays, especially non school days.

Athletic v Bishophill tomorrow.

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