Wednesday, December 17, 1980

Wednesday December 17th

We had a short film on behalf of “The Tear Fund” as our assembly this morning and although their charity work is good I found that the emphasis was too much on ‘Christianity’ and “doing God’s work” etc – indoctrination in other words.

Usual Wednesday morning in the library with all the usuals. Tutorial English was off for some reason and the time went by really quickly.

During dinnertime, Deborah, Claire and Michelle were talking among themselves at the table – I kept hearing names being mentioned – all of a sudden, there was Deborah, bright red and giggling continually. Claire was about to tell me what it was but Deborah emitted a cry of horror and stopped her, sending half her ice-cream + jelly across the table. I put two and two together – Tony and Deborah, from what I’ve been hearing. It was almost jealousy as realisation began to dawn. I’m sickened off (through jealousy I realise).

In Hirst’s English she called me a “charlatan” and gave me my essay back (B-). Lee and Duncan got D+ each.

Another very boring evening in front of the box with Andrew. I also wrapped two presents for Christmas.

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