Thursday, December 11, 1980

Thursday December 11th

Nothing done first three periods at all except the usual talking with Deborah. At about 10.45 I went to Moxthorpe to try buy some laxatives. Lee and I had planned to lace Jeremy’s drink with laxative, thus getting him in English. The reason was none other than for a laugh, and because Deborah couldn’t get any from home, Lee cajoled me into going to Moxthorpe to buy some (he was in Geography). It didn’t take me long – about a quarter of an hour – and at the Chemist’s shop in Moxthorpe I asked, a bit uncomfortably, for a laxative. I wanted one to dissolve in liquid, but the only non solid form available was a syrup. The number of types available was amazing. I returned dispirited at 11.20 to find everyone revising “Antony and Cleopatra” quotations for the test third period with Mrs. Slicer.

I could only answer seven out of the fifteen quotes requested, which Williams said was sketchy. In Hirst's lesson, Deborah, Mandy Jenkinson, Halyna and Michelle gave their page preparations.

Art was uneventful (I began drawing twigs for the tree composition). I got home at 6.30 and spent the evening glued to the box – I did play Joni Mitchell’s “Hejira.”

Today I learned that I was to get presents from Claire and Deborah for Christmas – I must buy them something. I’ve still got to get N.B’s, N.P’s, Dad’s and everyones Christmas cards. It’s been a nondescript day really, no real conversations with anyone – everything so superficial. I’ve got a streaming nose, and everytime I stand up I get a horrible throbbing aching in my head (between my ears). If I deteriorate I’ll stay off school tomorrow but I don’t really want to – Ingham is going to tell me about dropping Biology tomorrow and anyway I’ll miss out on all the company. I’d be sciving really because I’m not all that bad.

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