Monday, December 1, 1980

Sunday November 30th

I was woken up rudely at nine by angry voices. The cat once more broke into the fridge last night and left pork and bacon strewn around the kitchen. Dad discovered it and his anger brought Mum downstairs; all the usual whining; near to tears. “He’ll break my new fridge”; “Why do we bother?” etc.,.

I got up at ten-thirty and read the paper until dinner. Another superb morning – clear and bitterly cold, but not a cloud to be seen. There is still Friday’s snow on the ground and it’s frozen over now, making the roads and paths treacherous.

I passed away the rest of the day playing records in my bedroom or downstairs either listening to the radio or watching a Deanna Durbin film in the other room with Mum, who is completing my striped jumper (on the last sleeve now). Dad was at work – his first workday for a week at least – and he came home at ten.

I had a bath and had my hair washed in the evening and watched “The House with Green Shutters,” “Tales of the Unexpected” and “Seven Ages” before coming to bed at 12.13 a.m.

I was in a good mood today – optimistic (over what I don’t know) and just generally feeling really good. Perhaps the sunny weather is responsible.

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