Wednesday, December 3, 1980

Wednesday December 3rd

I gave Claire her birthday card first period – after assembly everyone immediately went up to the library – she came in and I gave her her card. She seemed quite pleased with it and I passed the first period talking with everyone. Claire told us about her brother again, telling about the time he watched her in the shower. From what she says he sounds a real moron. I’m looking forward to seeing him.

At break Big M. gave Claire a card and present, the message in the former going on about the “wonderful person.” Her present was a scarf. She does, I suspect, like him, although whether they go out or not I don’t know.

Bastow’s tutorial was all about Chaucer again; quite interesting. Then, after dinner; all those going to “Waiting for Godot” at Manchester went up to the bus turning circle – I wished I was going. I had put my name down but only twenty were allowed to go so as a late comer I had to step down. I, along with Duncan, Lee and Jeremy, trekked down to B18 and English with Mrs Slicer. Because of low attendance, it was private study and just as I was leaving Deborah came flying back to say that there were two spare seats on the coach and would Lee and I like to go. Eagerly, we accepted.

After a usual boring coach journey we reached Manchester at about 1.45 p.m. Deborah, Claire, Lee and I had half-an-hour to waste so we wandered around Manchester; “Marks and Spencers,” Arndale Shopping Centre etc., before arriving at the Royal Exchange at 2.15.

The play was quite good but went on a bit too long. It starred five people in total; Go-Go, Dee-Dee (tramps); Lucky and Ponco, Pongo or something and a small boy. It was quite strange and pretty funny in parts, and was sickening, especially where one tramp spits masticated carrot as he speaks at his companion and also the large fat man’s sweat drenched cranium.

Usual boring journey on the return leg and after saying goodbye to everyone I was dropped off at Egley Lane. I got off at the first Egley Lane exit because Lynn Norden, who walks home that way, intimated that she wanted me to walk home with her because of the Strangler. This I did, and on the way we talked about Claire – (just lately it seems my whole life centres around her) and I told her about her thing with Michael. One thing which Lynn Norden said was interesting – she asked me if I was going to the Christmas thing – I said no and said she thought I’d “be taking Claire.” I wonder why?

I got home at seven. Mum was beginning to get worried because she didnt know where I was – I tried to ring her twice from the theatre but nobody was in.

I came to bed early because it was so boring and Indian eggish downstairs when compared to all the thrilling events of today I just couldn’t bear it. The only notable programme on was “Chronicle” about New Mexican civilisation between 800 and 1200 AD (Pueblo Benito).

For this Saturday do Claire was talking about Babycham and how hypocritical her parents were in forbidding her to have it in for the ‘party’ – “funny things can happen after you’ve had a few drinks.” She really does seem to hate her parents.

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