Tuesday, December 2, 1980

Tuesday December 2nd

Rain overnight meant that the snow had completely disappeared and that it was no longer as cold as over the weekend. In registration I read Jeremy’s “Manwatching” book by Desmond Morris which was quite interesting and also amusing. Ingham was away again, so I only had one period (second) which was Biology.

It was another day of sitting around in the common room talking trivia and feeling annoyingly insensitive, inbetween drinking coffee and pretending to do my “Persuasion” essay.

Biology was dissection time again – I was annoyed because there didn’t seem to be time and also there wasn’t much point. The rats had been thawed out and had bled so mine was smeared redly all over and smelled. Wade is such a pathetic teacher. She’s always late and often disappears for ten minutes at a time and seems unable to work without reading from the textbook. I’m dead against Biology now, especially Wade’s lessons, and we keep talking half heartedly about going to see Wilson about her ineptitude. I really am going to have to drop Biology soon.

Nothing except boredom and frustration until 2.30 when we went to Film Society. The film was “Soylent Green” with Charlton Heston and although we went in intending to go to Art at 3.30, me and Lee ended up staying until the end at 4.20 p.m. It’s a really good film, quite horrific. I hope that prophesy of the world isn’t likely because I’ll only be 58 then – I think I’d kill myself first. (Another puerile sideline; C.P. wanted to go to the film but since it would mean walking home in the dark she didn’t want to; she asked if anyone would walk her home. I said I couldn’t because I didn’t know I was going at that stage so she didn’t go).

We got to Art at five or so and continued with our bone work – quite enjoyable arguments with Duncan and Jeremy. The latter said he did see me as a threat, “at first,” whatever that means.

At home I should’ve got on with my homework essay for Hirst but as usual I sat watching television; “Cutter’s Trail” (a Western); “Ireland” (“A Television History”) and the soccer on ITV before coming to bed at about half-eleven.

I’ve just done some notes for my “Persuasion” essay but I can only get a side and a bit out of it. Tomorrow is Claire Pearson’s birthday.

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