Thursday, December 25, 1980

Thursday December 25th

CHRISTMAS DAY!!! I awoke at eight – I say awoke, but actually I hardly slept a wink all night – the cushions downstairs felt really uncomfortable and the pillow hard.

I got up almost simultaneously with everyone else and after a cup of tea and bleary greetings we all trooped into the front room for the traditional Martindale Christmas present ceremony. All the presents constituting the pile under the tree were all handed out and when everyone had their piles complete we laid into them. I got three albums – “The Cry of Love,” “Steve Winwood” from Robert and Carol and “Birds of Fire” by the Mahavishnu Orchestra from Andrew. I also got shaving foam, razor and Brut from Robert and Carol, pens and pencils from Mum and Dad, a new bag from Mum and Dad and an ace Parker pen from Mum. From NP I got a shirt and also from Mum and Dad I got an Athletic scarf and a red tie. NB gave me £2.00 and a chocolate orange. The only regret was that I didn’t get one book, the first Christmas for years that this has happened. Robert got eight, Carol, Andrew and Dad got a few, yet I had nothing to read. As I watched Roberts infectious enthusiasm for bird watching, I really did miss not having a big thick Astronomy book to leaf through.

Everyone else seemed to like their presents and soon it was dinnertime. Dad was on at two, so today’s dinner will be done properly tomorrow.

My albums are brilliant, especially the Hendrix one, and I enjoyed playing them. George got a present from Carol and amazingly enough he pulled the paper off viciously when she gave it to him first thing – it was a furry ball with bell attached.

The weather kept breaking down into showers but at about two we all (except Mum) went out in the car to Keddon Moors. It was sunny when we reached there, but as soon as we got out the car the cold hit you. The wind was powerful and absolutely freezing cold. My ears were the worst, and the temperature was so low as we tramped up towards the trig’ point on Ainsley Hill that my jaw started aching. Standing at the ‘summit’ and we had a superb view all around; across Ridley Moors and over towards Easterby, with a spectacular stormy sky as backdrop. Keddon Moor is one of my favourite places of all.

We got home refreshed and spent the afternoon before the box, reading, eating, talking and drinking. In no time at all it seemed it was teatime and then into the evening, which I whiled away with Robert at dominoes. We watched “Airport ‘75” and it has been a good day really. Robert’s enthusiasm for birdwatching and things in general is really good to witness and pretty contagious.

Should be another lazy tomorrow (off to soccer again).

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