Thursday, December 4, 1980

Thursday December 4th

All morning was free as expected so I (again, as expected) sat in the library with Duncan and Lee. All the usual conversations indulged in (about Jeremy’s weirdness once more) until break when we all had coffee. Duncan and Lee gave Claire her birthday presents (they both spent £2 on her), making me feel rather guilty almost. Jeremy was his aloof self and acted in his expected, ill-mannered, egotistical way. I’ve really gone off him, what with the recent discoveries as to his true thoughts.

In English with Slicer we got our note books back and completed the notes on realism in “Antony and Cleopatra” before Hirst and the Persuasion page preparations. Jeremy, Duncan, Lee and finally Carol Lancaster all did their pages (from p 139-147).

After saying goodbye to C.P. until Saturday I went up to the common room with Jeremy, Richard Houlding and Duncan + Lee. The atmosphere was very tense and strained and there was open conflict between me and Jeremy. He really riles me, especially just recently, because he is so distant and reserved, so uncommunicative and just bloody unfriendly! So I fought fire with fire and couldn’t help making comments to him, about how I threaten him etcetera.

Art was uneventful (I finished my skull picture treated in three different materials) and next Tuesday is tree composition day.

I spent all evening watching TV or in the other room listening to Santana’s “Welcome” while reading Duncan’s “Book of Lists.”

Tomorrow I’m going into Easterby to buy more Christmas presents and probably I’ll see people from school. It seems that half the sixth year is going into Easterby tomorrow for one reason or another. I’ll look forward to Saturday and the get-together at Claire’s.

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