Wednesday, December 10, 1980

Tuesday December 9th

John Lennon was killed today (well, last night). Mum heard it on the news at eight o’clock, although I didn’t know how he’d died until I got to school – he was shot five times by a local “screwball”, an Hawaiian named Chapman. I was shocked and couldn’t believe it at first – it was not so much the fact that he was dead but the way in which his life ended – so violently. Him, of all people, why?? Rereading what I’ve just written and I still can’t grasp what has actually happened – shot down, murdered. I feel sorry most for Yoko Ono.

Everyone at school was talking about this when I got there. In registration we had a film in P1 about babies, etc., and in History we were continuing with our work on Marxism. In Biology we dissected a sheeps heart – I took it for the cat to eat but I’ve left it in my locker – tomorrow it’ll most likely stink. Arguments and debates in History about Lenins motives for seizing power in 1917. I said that he was in for personal gains – Ingham disagreed.

Things at dinnertime and after were as I’ve said before – I had a feeling of being left out of things. I can’t face the facts that Claire, Deborah and co., probably don’t want to get any more ‘involved’ with me at all – anyway C.P. likes Michael. Face the truth!! Anyhow, things were lonely generally – detached and superficial.

After uneventful Art at Farnshaw college I sat watching televison. I watched three obituary programmes – every channel had things on about Lennon. It was said that in New York the effects were similar to when Kennedy was assassinated – shock, disbelief. John Lennon is just not the sort of person you associate with dying like that – he always talked peace, love etc., all the ‘hippy’ talk and ironically ends up getting pumped with bullets. It’s sad.

I also spent the evening looking at “Rothman’s Football Year Book” for 1970-71, when I should have been doing my “Persuasion” essay for Hirst tomorrow (Jeremy, Lee and Duncan got ‘E’’s).

It’s now 01.00 and every record on the radio has been a John Lennon or Beatles track. I saved the Easterby Echo.

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