Monday, December 15, 1980

Monday December 15th

We had an assembly this morning in the school sports hall – I couldn’t stop laughing because Barkston was going on about ‘Monkey’ and “Six Million Dollar Man” on television – he tries to read morals into everything. We had two free periods first – usual talking with Deborah, and Claire and everyone. I had to write up my Marxism essay. It seems Deborah is going out with (or fancies) Tony Megson, for (according to Claire) he goes round there every Friday.

In History Jeremy gave Ingham a bottle of whisky – it was a Christmas present but had a sting in the tail – it was full of cold tea. He really fell for it and we all ended up feeling awful so Claire decided that we should all buy him a genuine bottle.

We continued work on the civil war and after dinner and fourth period he told me that it was really up to me to drop Biology or not – he’s seen Newsholme who again said it was alright. So I didn’t go to the lesson and hung around the common room.

Deborah gave me her Christmas card and what with all the talk of presents I was left feeling in a dilemma once more. At dinnertime, I was sat opposite Claire – to my right was Michael Barnwell – I could see Claire looking at him and laughing shyly.

I got home at 2.35 and Dad and I set off in the car at three for Easterby and the bank. We parked in Lockley and I drew out £13 from my bank account, leaving me with £50 in exactly. After picking Mum up at Marlborough Centre, we parked on William Street car park and I said adieu to Mum and Dad.

I spent nearly all the time in Eastgate Smith’s, perusing the books. I bought a book on Marx, an introduction, for 95p and some cards – I was also looking half-heartedly for presents for people at school. I’ll have to buy them on Thursday.

After calling in at Queensgate Smiths I got home at about half-six. I’ve got a few ideas for pressies for people at school now. I bought NP + NB stationery. I spent the evening writing out Christmas cards and writing up my essay. I should’ve revised really, but I couldn’t be bothered. Christmas is hotting up now!!

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