Saturday, December 27, 1980

Saturday December 27th

Totally boring day; unfulfilled. Continued reading my Asimov book. I got up late and sat around all day reading either my book or the paper – Athletic are still tenth after yesterday. When I got up, Mum, Dad, Carol and Robert had gone out – the former came back with N.P. at one or so. She seems in good fettle and just goes on for ever. She was telling me that her ambition was to see her grandchildren grow up and marry and now that Janet is pregnant, it is to see her kid grow up at least to be three or four. At this rate she’ll be around when it marries too!

That’s the sum total of my day. During late afternoon I listened to Hydebridge v Easterby on the radio – really tense – and they eventually drew 1-1 again after leading. They’re eleventh now. Terry Lewis scored, in the 18th minute.

What can I write about days like this? I felt no emotion particularly strongly, just a mood of indolent lethargy, devouring chocolates for the sake of eating, and waiting for time to pass. Sunday tomorrow already!

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