Tuesday, December 2, 1980

Monday December 1st

It was bitterly cold again today although the sky was superb this morning. I awoke and saw it through a gap in my curtains – purpley blue. Over in the east it was orange and fiery red – really good colours.

Good news in registration was that Ingham was away, 3rd and 4th periods free therefore; so I trogged up to the library where I feigned work for two periods while talking to C.P. and Deborah.

Break, periods three and four and dinner were the same; I was angry with myself for saying things I regretted. Jeremy is not coming on Saturday. For most of the time I talked with Duncan, Lee, Claire and Deborah about anything and nothing in particular. (By the way, Kay Williams divulged that she has one of Jimi Hendrix’s old tour amps; a Marshall; I asked if I could go round to her house to touch it). The Coffee Club began today.

That’s it really, apart from last period (Biology) with Wade. I loathe her lessons now and today I started seriously thinking about dropping the subject – of my four subjects it’s the odd ‘man’ out and, I can argue, it interferes with my career prospects. I’ll approach Ingham tomorrow.

I stayed behind for quarter of an hour after school for no particular reason and eventually got home at three.

A totally unproductive evening again, starting off with my leagues again for the first time in ages.

I watched “Kelly’s Heroes” late on and came to bed at 12.30.

It’s been funny at school – I’ve talked to them a lot but because I said things I really regretted I didn’t end up feeling as if they had a good impression of me – that sounds a corny comment I know. Perhaps it is though that subconsciously I know that they only consider me as a friend and not a really close one at that. I still enjoy school a lot however.

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