Wednesday, December 24, 1980

Wednesday December 24th

I didn’t do anything all morning until Robert and Carol arrived at about one o’clock, bringing with them all their presents and news that they’ll be able to move into their new house at Saxton in January. It is a brick-built, £16500 semi-detached with three bedrooms and a garden shed which is, according to Robert’s current enthusings, to be an aviary. They were both in usual good spirits and seemed to be looking forward to moving.

We passed the rest of the day talking; Andrew, Robert and I playing records and darts in my bedroom. Funnily enough, it didn’t really feel much like Christmas eve today – I suppose when you get older it loses a lot of its appeal. This year especially, I’ve been really cynical over the whole ceremony.

Nanna B. is wallowing in self pity – a person about whom we talked in the evening. This year, she hasn’t bought anyone anything (with the exception of “non-wage earners”) and Dad has been a bit upset. The reason, she claims, is that with her being only a poor old widow on a pension she’s hardly in a position to buy presents. Yet N.P is still able to spend £200+ every year, on exactly the same amount per week.

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