Tuesday, December 23, 1980

Tuesday December 23rd

Still felt ill this morning but I had to get up at eight because I wanted to go into Easterby with Dad and Mum. In the car I felt shivery and everytime I moved my eyes I got a searing pain in my head.

We got into the town centre at 9.15 and I went immediately down to Queensgate and W. H. Smith’s, where I spent the next forty-five minutes wandering around the book department feeling terrible. Predictably, I left empty handed and went up to Eastgate Centre Smith’s and also to Burtons to look for a jumper. No luck anywhere; on to Jones, William Street Market and SPCK bookshop before ending up at the second hand and antique bookshop opposite the bottom of Howden Road. There are some superb books there, and I eventually bought Dad a Marie Hartley book, “The Yorkshire Dales” for £4.00

Reinspired I went back into Eastgate where I bought Mum some chocolates (£1.20) and the two girls some choc’s (88p each) and then a black jumper from Burton’s for £5.99. Enough of the economics. I bought Hendrix “The Cry of Love” (£4.99) from HMV and made my way home, getting back about 12.15.

For the rest of the day I sat about feeling ill. At teatime I wrapped all my presents. Downstairs could be heard Mario Lanza singing carols – a new record Dad has bought. He really revels in the banalities of Christmas, wallowing in all the clich├ęs. This year more than any other previously I’ve really noticed how totally CORNY Christmas is! The basic thing of presents and food is OK but all the decorations, Santas, television etc., is just so utterly predictable and cheap.

Had a bit of a discussion with Dad and Mum in the evening about how things have changed since they were young and about the “Generation gap.” We got on to promiscuity and VD eventually; I said how we (the ‘younger generation’) are underestimated morally.

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