Tuesday, December 16, 1980

Tuesday December 16th

I got up really late and arrived in school by 8.40 a.m. Nobody was around so I went up to the common room where I found half-a-dozen others. Most people were in a film about abortion.

First lesson was History – during which we had two essays to write in an hour-and-half. We had seven to choose from, all easy titles. And I chose “Why did the Provisional Government fail?” and “To what extent did the revolutions of 1917 conform with Marx’s interpretation of revolution?” I managed to squeeze two and a bit sides of A4 from each.

Ingham was given his bottle of whisky and a card from us all – the fake bottle yesterday hadn’t fooled him enough to make him drink it.

After this finished at break, I had the rest of the day free – I sat in the common room with Deborah, Jeremy, Duncan etc.,.

Third period, we had a “debate” on abortion with Mr Kirkwood, the Religious Education teacher – it was quite one sided, with very few people participating although the whole of the A-level sixth and seventh years were present. I agree in principle with abortion, although the 28 week limit should be 15-20 weeks instead. It’s difficult (I mean, what about the husbands view).

Deborah went to college (Social Work) at one and last period went irritably with Duncan, Jeremy, Tommy and Richard. After non descript Art college I did nothing all evening except watch TV.

Lee kept saying after school that in his opinion Deborah fancies me. Mentioning it sounds like wishful thinking (subconsciously it probably is). He says that Deborah keeps sitting near me, laughing etc., and that it’s obvious. I’ll have to just watch.

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