Saturday, November 29, 1980

Saturday November 29th

Amazingly enough, I woke up with my alarm at seven although I didn’t get up for another three hours. There was still snow on the ground and it was sunny though really cold outside – a superb morning.

Dad volunteered to take me into Easterby in the car and we parked on the library car park at 11.50 a.m. Dad wandered down through town with me to Smith’s on Queensgate where he bought Robert and Carols’ Christmas presents – a book each; one on birds for Robert and a wildflower one for Carol.

After a time there I went back up into town and spent the next two hours in restless indecision – wandering from shop to shop unable to see a thing I thought would be suitable. I was also looking for birthday cards for Pearson’s birthday next Wednesday – all the ones I could see were either too vague or too personal. I hate that feeling of pointlessness which overcomes you – I hadn’t achieved a thing in two hours of looking round – so frustrating.

In desperation almost I went on Lockley Lane to the second hand book shop there and started looking for a present for Robert or Carol. The books there are really good – there were loads of books I wouldn’t have minded – a good one by Bernard Shaw on socialism. I bought an 1878 Entomology book for Robert and Carol; a joint present; for £4.00.

So I set off again; hope renewed, and went to Eastgate Smith’s where I bought two birthday cards (amusing ones) and came home satisfied.

It really is bitterly cold – it snowed again briefly today – and winter must be on us for certain now.

I passed my evening away playing records upstairs or downstairs talking to Mum and Dad or watching television. They were in good moods tonight – friendly and light hearted. Today has gone quickly – I’ve felt restless in a way.

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