Saturday, November 1, 1980

Saturday November 1st

I got up late as usual just as Mum and Dad brought Nanna P. They’d also been to order a £200 fridge-freezer. I did pretty much nothing all morning and after dinner I had my hair washed. I was, at this stage, intending to go see Athletic v Ingleborough Town but gradually, as I realised my hair wasn’t drying quickly and I felt the icy temperature outside I went off the idea although I ended up feeling guilty almost.

I was trapped in the dining room all afternoon with NP, Kenneth, Shirley, Melissa, Tracy, “Nicky,” Ian . . . . . . . . . . , and listened to the match on R. North. Athletic scored in the 17th minute through Roy Garside. I listened to the rest of the match in the bath. The final score was 1-1, a good result considering Ingleborough are fourth in the table and Athletic fifteenth.

The evening I spent starting things and never finishing them – I was going to write letters to the Santana Fan Club, the N. C. T. J. etc., yet I never actually finished.

I’m looking forward to school now; the week has been so boring and uncoordinated – I haven’t actually done anything! Also, and I hate to say this, I can’t get certain things, certain people out of my head – as I lay in bed I think continually about them – and this is probably adding to my anticipation. I feel such an idiot writing, thinking this. Same old thing all over again, I know. Just immature puerile crap.

Today was the first day when it was really cold inside without a jumper on – winter is in the air now.

I watched some television in the evening although it annoys me the way everyone just sits there watching what ever’s on. I watched a bit of a programme on BBC2 about the American Presidency and suddenly Mum became really annoyed – it was amazing. She said that she resented being bombarded by depressing politics - . . . “up till that I’d been in a good mood now I feel all screwed up and angry” . . . . “we like to get away from it all at weekends” . . . . “we’re not interested and I’m just not having it” . . . . . . and so on. Jesus! As a result I came to bed feeling just a little hard done to, although I tried hard not to. I could see her point in a way, although she was a bit aggressive.

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