Sunday, November 2, 1980

Sunday November 2nd

I had a weird dream last night (this morning really). It was really vivid; the colours, the people, everything bright. It was about the play that Beaumont is doing. I dreamt that I had gone back to school and in the dining hall a huge marquee type thing had been erected – the play had become different from the one I was familiar with, new dialogue etc., and this time (and this is stupid) they had fireworks and huge piles of apples (!!) which would come rolling on at the end of the play. Most of the audience was involved and a few of us at the back, including Craig Hewitson from Lodgehill, were watching. I’ve mentioned the dream particularly because the colours were so vivid and the people so real.

Anyway, I got up at eleven and just lounged around doing nothing in particular. After dinner Mum and Dad and Nanna P. went out for a run to Bolton Abbey and came back just before three.

Today there was a weird feeling around, almost expectant as if the day was special for some reason. Perhaps it’s school tomorrow that did it. I didn’t do anything much the rest of the afternoon apart from listen to records downstairs and do my football leagues, in which I’m halfway through the third season.

It’s 11.13 as I’m writing this; I haven’t done a stroke of work all week which is pretty predictable, and I’ve got some Biology questions to complete for Wade, which I’ll most likely attempt free periods tomorrow.

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