Monday, November 10, 1980

Monday November 10th

Arrived late and found that everyone had gone into Ass. Along with Sharon Ashton and a seventh year lad I had to go into the Sports Hall while the assembly was in progress.

For my free periods in the morning I was doing my Biology in the Library along with Deborah Blakey, Mark Pittock and the usuals. In History in C7 period 3, we finally began the Revolution proper, and Ingham gave us a kind of introductory talk on Great Men in history. He also gave us five essay titles to choose one from – I chose the hardest, no. 5, about the Revolution’s correlation with Marx’s theory of History.

Period four was for “private study,” in other words, a real old toss around, during which we all messed about in the library in between being told to be quiet by Ingham. We all talked a lot; Claire Pearson quoting “Romeo and Juliet” to me to prove that she had memorised it for the exam last summer. Then I had to go to Biology – another mundane lesson – and the end of school was marked by everyone trekking up for a debate, which ultimately didn’t take place.

Since Duncan Verity and Jeremy had some readings for the Presentation evening to rehearse, me, Lee, Claire Pearson and Deborah Blakey stayed on in the common room until 3.40 pm. We tidied the place up and I dried the pots (more than I ever do at home).

Today I discovered some things which surprised me in a way. The girls were talking among themselves about something; something to do with themselves and Evelyn Aylott and after much fuss they decided to tell us. What followed was a lengthy spiel about how they used to go out with a seventh year lad and an ex-seventh former – they still go to parties with them – and how they all fancied one another in varying degrees – “He fancies me but is shy and anyway, since Evelyn fancies him he doesn’t want to upset her . . .” (CP) – and how they all intend going camping together. Once you get to know people, it’s amazing how wrong superficial impressions are. Apparently Blakey and Pearson regularly go to parties with these people and seem to have quite vigorous social lives.

This made me think. For much of the time I was only half listening to what I was being told for I was thinking; about how wrong I had been (in every way) and what a boring life I lead. I never ever go out on ‘social’ occasions, and although really they’re not my scene (man), it would be good to just occasionally go out somewhere with mates and see people, do things.

As I walked home with them I again underwent a fusillade of tales of love and “snogging” (as CP referred to it). They ended up hotly defending their reputations – “we’re quite good really” – and by the time I reached home I felt abysmal yet good, in a weird way – abysmal in that my social life isn’t, and that I must seem thoroughly boring, yet good over their apparent willingness to communicate with me. We got quite pally on the way back. I cant get over it, the things they said had happened – I wouldn’t have believed it, especially of them. Yet I suppose that it is they who are the normal ones and I the freak. Yet how do you get involved!!?

When I got home I watched the live reportage of the second ballot for the Labour Party leadership; Foot won by 139 votes to Healey’s 129; and I can’t say I’m not pleased. In the evening I drew my self portrait – corny – for Art tomorrow and completed my Biology before coming to bed early.

Athletic won for the third successive time – 3-0 at Walshey. Littlewood scored all three goals. They are ninth now.

Tomorrow I have to do this bloody assembly for the 4ths. I’m not as nervous as I was before (not yet anyway).

This afternoon though, amazing!

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