Saturday, November 1, 1980

Friday October 31st

Did nothing. Another one of my aimless days. I got up quite early and it was thick with fog although this soon cleared up at about dinnertime. Mum and Dad went to Knowlesbeck to do the shopping at about one and I laid about listening to records or the radio. They came back at fourish; Mum with a new £40 anorak and Dad with a portable three-waveband radio. Mum seemed thrilled, like a little kid with a new present.

For most of the evening I did my leagues inbetween watching the odd bits on television. I came to bed at 00.50 a.m.

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday was Dad’s UFO sighting which he told me about. He saw it as he was driving to work at five on Thursday morning and said it consisted of a bright, white “flaming onion” which rose fairly quickly above the horizon past two “bright stars” which would be Venus and Saturn. It went so high that the car roof blocked his view of it, but it came back down again before going off swiftly at 90° to one side. It couldn’t have been an aircraft or a weather balloon (or even a satellite) but what it was I don’t know.

Another thing; in the evening today Dad hung a turnip with a candle inside; it had eyes and a mouth cut out and glowed brightly as it hung from the cherry tree – I made him take it down in case anybody who knows me saw it and thought I was responsible. Dad must miss having young children around to please.

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