Tuesday, November 25, 1980

Tuesday November 25th

The usual History and Biology – the former was interesting because we’re getting on to dialectics and thesis, antithesis and synthesis. I was also interested to hear about how Lenin altered Marxism to fit the circumstances. This fits in with the theory of ‘proto-truths’ which I’m reading about in Edward de Bono’s “The Happiness Purpose,” which I bought in July. In otherwords, no such thing as an absolute truth but something which holds true under a particular set of circumstances and which is open to revision.

I had the last two periods free and at dinnertime I talked with Claire about bedrooms – I asked her all about hers (I don’t really know why). She also told Lee about this do on Dec 6th – we’ll have to buy her presents so I’ll have to ask Deborah what she likes.

Today also, I gave my 30p in to our kitty for coffee, sugar, milk and biccies for break and dinnertimes. Ten of us are involved – Claire, Michelle, Julie, Richard, Duncan, Lee, Tommy, Jeremy, me, and Deborah. This is all organised off our own bats because it’ll be better than relying on school's.

I made a feeble effort to begin my page preparation for Hirst tomorrow in the last hour before registration and I didn’t get a thing done.

As usual, we stayed behind after school for Art, amusing ourselves by pinning all the notices on both boards back up the wrong way – that is upside down, and rearranging all the chairs. When 3.30 p.m came, it was absolutely bucketing it down; constant, torrential rain. By the time I got to Egley Lane I was drenched – I just couldn’t face going to Art in that state. I came home.

After an evening of lethargy and “Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World” (the last one) I came to bed at nine-thirty. I was faced with huge amounts of English and I just couldn’t get down to it – I had a sort of resigned desperation almost as I thought about my task. I did manage to do (after a fashion) my page preparations for tomorrow and my ten minute blush parade before the group.

Today, Athletic signed Tom Wicks from Darlington. They had him on loan for four months halfway through last season and he scored five goals. When I read it in the Echo I was really jubilant! Nothing can stop us now.

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