Saturday, November 15, 1980

Saturday November 15th

I got up really late – almost twelve – but since the weather was abysmal once more I had an excuse. I was a bit peeved though, because I’d wanted to do so much.

Since Mum and Dad were going out shopping I managed to cadge a lift into Easterby. It was raining steadily when I got there so I went straight into Eastgate Mall and to WH Smiths where I bought a book – a paperback costing 95p called “The Book of Heroic Failures.”

From there I went on to a new bookshop which Dad told me about – it’s up Purley Street I think – and I spent quite a while there. The books were incredibly cheap; all around the £1.50- £3.00 mark and were all brand new (or near enough). I hovered around for an hour or so undecided as to whether or not to buy one of my Christmas presents there. I will I think, because they have loads of Art books for £1.50. I also looked at a large format book; “Tropical Birds of the World”; which is an idea for Robert.

It was throwing it down when I came out at 2.15, a really miserable day. I set off to go to the library (I had brought my books) but I changed my mind when I realised that I wouldn’t have time if I also went to the football. Instead then, I nipped down to Praxis Bookshop, my first visit for months. It was just the same. I love the atmosphere there, a mixture of things. All those pamphlets, books, brimming with Ideas and ‘information’. It’s also slightly daring and different.

I came out of PB at 2.40 and walked to Cardigan Park in the continued filth. The Shed was packed because of the rain so I had to stand near the back. The pitch was muddy and waterlogged, especially in the middle, and it led to some exciting stuff; sliding tackles and mistakes. Athletic were much the better side and Gav Redman was ace. Just lately he’s come really good and is really fast down the wings. All through the first half Athletic piled on the pressure before a lot of passing in the Midgewell area led to Lewis prodding the ball on for Littlewood who whammed it into the net in the 35th minute or thereabouts.

The second half began well – after about ten minutes Redman blasted through the Midgewell defence, was robbed by a good tackle and then, as he tried to get up, was hacked down. A penalty!! Roy Garside took it, placing it to the left of the goalie who guessed right and saved it.

That signaled a decline in Athletic’s game. Midgewell began to attack a lot more and at one point they actually hit the foot of the upright. I can always tell when something horrible’s about to happen because I begin to get a strange feeling in my chest and stomach. Sure enough, I got one then and also when Garside missed the penalty. David Littlewood sealed it up half way through the second half with a superb 20 yard shot from the left.

Four wins in a row! They are seventh now, just four points behind third place.

When I got back, Mum and Dad were just finishing their teas. As I ate mine I read the programme and suddenly Mum went out, came back and placed a box in front of me, right where I was reading. My mind wasn’t really plugged in – I was dimly aware that the box was for a radio and somehow I thought it was Mum and Dad’s new one. So I said, “Do you mind!” and pushed the thing away. Embarrassment! It was a present they’d bought me belatedly for passing my ‘O’ levels – obviously I offended them. Mum took on that half-smiling, stepped on look. Why they bought me that I’m not sure but it sounds ungrateful to say I wasn’t pleased. I was, but not enthusiastically. The radio is a portable Ferguson, and the reception is quite good.

I spent my evening watching the television – “The Big Match” and “The Old Grey Whistle Test” and eventually came to bed at midnight. I’ve rambled on to some tune today so I’d better shut up.

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