Wednesday, November 12, 1980

Wednesday November 12th

First free period I went into the library and there He was, sat next to C.P. and opposite M. C. and D. B. As I had to do my English for Hirst, I sat at the side with my back to them, and with a horrible knot of jealousy in my stomach.

After I had finished off the above, I went and played tennis with Lee Hoy. The weather was good – perfectly clear but cold – and it was made even better when I beat him 6-3, 6-4.

I’d more or less become resigned to what was happening. During English, which went quite quickly, and during dinnertime I thought a bit about it. What Deborah B. said during dinner – “…. And when ‘Chelle came and sat next to me, it just worked out right” – obvious to what and whom they were referring.

Yet it is so frustrating – in English I sometimes get the slight feeling that those half-smiles of CP are directed at me – I’m most likely distorting the thing out of all proportion. They are going to another party tonight.

Tomorrow we do the play (for the third years) once more so it’s an eight o’clock start.

On ITV's News At Ten, I saw the latest Voyager 1, Saturn pic’s. Close approach was only a couple of hours or so after the news, and the latest pictures show the rings to be made up of thousands of separate rings. Mimas has a huge crater on one hemisphere, with a large central peak – Dione has large rilles and Tethys has ice streaks. Already they’ve discovered three new satellites, bringing the total to thirteen.

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