Sunday, November 9, 1980

Sunday November 9th

The Armistice Day parade was on television when I got up. It was just the same as always, with the walk past of all the ex-war veterans, during which Mum cried. It was quite sad – all that experience, all those memories and they’re all so old now. Today’s ceremonies have been much more anti-war than ever I can remember – not the expected “God was on our side” type thing, but much more of a pacifist style programme, showing the graves of dead Germans in France etc.

Robert and Carol left after this and I sat around doing nothing. All I did until five o’clock was read the paper or work out various home and away tables for the North. Alliance (Athletic are 13th). At teatime, more Armistice Day progs were on – “Songs of Praise” etc., - and I had my hair washed. I had an history essay to do and I sat about until by the time I actually wrote the first word down it was 9.30 pm. I worked at it, on and off, until 2.30 a.m tomorrow morning.

And that was my day!

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