Saturday, November 8, 1980

Saturday November 8th

A nothing day, in a way. Considering what had been said on Thursday just after school, I tidied my bedroom up and tried to look at the house through visiting eyes. I obviously take things too seriously, for nothing happened, noone came.

At one o’clock I set off for Moxthorpe Library. I had only one book due back – “August 1914” by Tuchman, which was overdue (just), and I wandered down to the library partly just for the walk. It wasn’t very cold, but everything displayed a kind of wet freshness and chilliness. I got three books out; “Cruising the Sahara” by Gerard Morgan-Grenville (about cruising around N. Africa via Land-Rover, a sort of guide); “The Case for South Africa” by David de Villiers and “Ramayana,” a translation in prose from a 2000-year old Indian epic.

On the way back I half-toyed with the idea of wandering down to Moxthorpe AFC ground to see if anything was going on, but lethargy won the day and I didn’t bother. As it was, I met Sean Barker and we both went down to Simon Dyson’s, at No. 15 Egley Lane. Barker is currently on the dole after being sacked from a job where he made transformers, for not working hard enough. Simon is earning £72 a week (untaxed) at Keddon Sports Centre, where he is “supervisor.” It is amazing, the difference between school and work. That was really one of the main reasons for me stopping on at school – the jump from school to work is so great I think. There should be courses run to help people make the change, money-management or something, because S. D. said that he has so much money he doesn’t know what to do with it all.

We hung around Dyson’s for a while and then wandered up Saxcliffe Drive and down Briar Avenue just talking about ‘old times.’ My friendship with them, when compared with Beaumont, Pearson and Duncan Verity is strange; the two are so apart, so opposite. We ended up at Barker’s house (50 Egley Road), where he gave us some coffee while we watched the classified results. Athletic won 1-0 at Holmeshaw, thanks to Garside. Second win in succession means that they’re only about eleventh now.

I got a shock when I got in – Robert and Carol had appeared. Robert bought a new car, a Renault-5 (‘N’ reg., Feb’ 1977) last night, so he came across here to show us it. As I talked with him, all I could think of was that bloody radio – what’s he going to say?!! We spent a social evening, everyone supping ale and watching the Remembrance Day thing on tele’ – corny when it is made into a semi-religious thing, as if God was on our side. It’s insulting to the Church to be associated with all that butchery.

I came to bed late again, after watching the “Old Grey Whistle Test.” Tomorrow is History essay day again. I can hardly wait (!!).

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