Friday, November 14, 1980

Friday November 14th

A pretty average day at school. There were a lot of retakes this morning so we had English in the cookery room P10 with Giles, in which we discussed the need for literature and its role.

In Biology we had practical first two lessons – I was on my own because Mark Pittock was in his Lit. exam – and I was quite desperate at times. I bumbled through. The results were inconclusive though.

I was on second lunch and in the half-an-hour of Biology left we had a pretty easy test. We were allowed to leave ten minutes early so I went up to the library where I found Claire Pearson, Sharon Ashton, Lee Hoy and Duncan Verity playing table tennis without bats or net on the library table. Soon I was involved.

And finally, we had History fifth period although there was some confusion over whether or not we had to go across to the Sports Hall to do a ‘rehearsal’. In the lesson Ingham asked us for our opinions of the course so far; he got a pretty negative response. There was a sense of being left out on the way home in the rain. Why can’t I shut my self piteous mouth?

Oh, another thing. I had my careers interview at 10.40 a.m in B18 with Mr. Beech. We discussed the usual things; what I want to do after ‘A’ level (university) and what subjects I’m most likely to want to take. He ended up writing three booklet titles down; History, Politics (including International Relations), and Oriental Studies (including African Studies). In a funny sort of way he seemed bored and not really bothered – it must get hard dealing with everyone in a conveyer belt way. I also asked him about the possibility of going to university in the USA – he said it could be feasible depending on cost and told me to write to the Educational Attaché at the US Embassy in Grosvenor Square.

I had my usual boring afternoon at home before seven o’clock when I had to start ‘getting ready’ for the presentation evening. I loathe ‘getting ready’ – the whole concept is so corny and old fashioned. Mum and I had a big argument over me wearing a tie and jacket or not – I refused to, saying that everyone else would be going casually dressed, not dolled up to the eyeballs. She ended up saying that she never wanted to go anywhere with me again. As it was, I was wrong. I did go in jacket and tie and so did loads of others. I didn’t get the jeering mocking from people I’d half-feared.

The Presentation Evening passed off without incident or interest – I got my certificates and after listening to boring speeches from local councilors and our terrible madrigal group, and after drinking coffee in the dining hall with everyone else we came home.

On Saturday I’m going to go to Easterby, buy some dye to do my white shirts and see Athletic. Perhaps I may even have my hair cut!

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