Sunday, November 16, 1980

Sunday November 16th

Did absolutely nothing – a complete waste of living. I could just’ve well not bothered getting up for what good it did. I finally arose at midday and sat listening to records downstairs and looking at the paper. I expect I had some homework to do – I didn’t bother looking – probably Biology if any. It seems that nowadays I can’t be bothered about anything. I wonder, if life required effort, would I be bothered to put any into it. Sometimes I doubt it.

Today I was just so lethargic – not really bored because I had enough to do. Life is so monotonous and nullifying. What I said last week is so true – outside school I have nothing – no friends, no life really. I should make the most of my opportunities.

Just lately this diary has become like a bloody psychiatrist's notebook – what have I got to moan about?!

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