Thursday, November 13, 1980

Thursday November 13th

The play went off OK – even less response than before from the third years – and I can appreciate the glamour associated with ‘acting’. At the end of the performance, which lasts approximately 10-15 minutes, we had to do a bow before the audience – embarrassing with a capital E. We all agreed that todays was the worst performance to date, with quite a lot of ad libs necessary to keep fluency as cues were lost and tapes malfunctioned.

I sat in the library next to Deborah Blakey pretending to complete my English quotations from “Anthony and Cleopatra” for Slicer. English of that kind is so boring.

Jeremy and Richard Houlding were playing tennis so things were quite quiet. I had plenty of opportunity to think things through – how I compare to that seventh year lad as good company (Shit!, what a childish comment). Yet that is how my mind operated and my thoughts went. The whole tone and level of conversation is so superficial – they still don’t know me properly – and I can well imagine how well they know the seventh former. It is horrible – whenever I see him I find my self checking around, fearing to find Claire or Deborah anywhere near. I should resign myself to reality, that they probably don’t think twice about me apart from as someone to talk to.

English and English were exciting and interesting again, as was Art. During the hour before Art-departure, I messed about the common room with Lee Hoy, Richard Houlding and Tommy Whelan, thinking all the while about the above and wondering what they were doing.

I watched TV all evening, even though I have some homework for tomorrow – there were more Voyager pictures on ITN – even better ones showing Rhea in close up. There was a brilliant programme on from nine until ten on BBC2 – “Great Train Journeys of the World” Part 3, featuring a journey from Bombay to Cochin (I think!).

My round-the-world idea seemed more readily available like that – two of us with rucksacks could go across India for £30! All train departure/arrival times would be arranged before-hand and all together it would be superb, and easy.

Presentation evening tomorrow – I’m not looking forward to it.

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