Friday, November 7, 1980

Thursday November 6th

Nothing for the first three lessons so we stayed in the library. Outside the weather was really foul again and inside the atmosphere wasn’t too hot. The VIIth years were complaining again about Duncan Verity’s noise in the library – we accused them of hypocrisy. I mean, there are never any things said when they are talking. They seem to think they are above blame. I didn’t play Jeremy at tennis – I took my racquet and games kit OK but he thoughtlessly decided to play Rich’ Houlding instead – this leaving me feeling a bit hurt. D. Blakey seemed to agree that he was thoughtless – “It’s taken Claire three years to get to know him properly . . .”

After English (Lee Hoy and I are going to see an animation studio tomorrow with fifth year set 2 English) we slumped around the common room doing nothing in particular, except talk to Blakey and Pearson or help them tidy up (C. P. – “Would you mind if we came round to your house on Saturday?” – Me: “No, not particularly. If you want to waste your time like that . . !” . . . She is a fanatic for neatness – she went all round the common room arranging the tables and chairs or picking up little pieces of paper).

Art College was funny, more of a social occasion again. (And, triviality here Lee said that he thinks Deborah Blakey fancies me (!)).

As soon as I got home I had to plunge into my homework. The house was really moody today; Dad seemed impatient; Mum fed up and with the general untidiness of the place it all started to feel rather claustrophobic. I managed to eventually start at 9.00 p.m. with my Biology essays. I completed these and rushed off an analysis of Owen’s “Futility” at about midnight – I still have Hirst’s “Persuasion” notes to complete.

A strange day today in a way (it rhymes!).

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