Monday, November 17, 1980

Monday November 17th

I got up just after Mum had set off for work and finally got downstairs at about ten past eight. I hate getting up late.

We had no school assembly this morning and I spent my two free periods in the Common room talking with Jeremy Beaumont and D. Verity. The former about the B & H tennis tournament which he visited at the weekend and to the latter about everything.

In History I got my “. . . eve of WW1” essay back – Ingham said that I hadn’t answered the question correctly – as an essay for the reasons for failure in the war it was good, but he didn’t give me a mark. Biology as unproductive as ever.

In the evening I went to the EAS. Since Dad was going to N.B’s he ran me there in the car. There are a lot of new faces at the meetings just lately – I’m one of the Society’s longest serving members – I first went on January 10th 1977 and became a member on the 17th. I sat there, as I usually do, a silent member of the majority – a kind of permanent fixture – always there. We had a lecture on comets from Dr Hughes of Sheffield University and it was excellent. We’ve had the bloke before – he’s quite small and untidy but enthuses over his subject – in fact he’s similar to the actor who plays the lead in “Ring of Bright Water.” His lecture was interesting, concerning all the usual; orbits; composition; origin etc., and he ended with a little piece on the Tunguska event of 1908.

Uncle Arnold was at NBs when I got there with his growling dog – and we got home at about ten-thirty. I came to bed after watching “Film ’80.”

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