Sunday, November 23, 1980

Sunday November 23rd

A total nothing day, a stop gap between Sunday and Monday. I thought a lot about last-night today; inflating the event out of all proportion I know but its good to have friends.

I got up at midday and sat about. God! Nanna P goes on and on and on – always about Kenneth and Shirley. No matter what the subject, it’s always steered back to that subject. About two o’clock, Mum, Dad and N. P. went out to Withenkirk for a quick walk on the moors. I stayed behind (“I’ve some homework”). I started my Antony and Cleopatra scene notes mid-afternoon – I completed Act 1 Scene II and got halfway through Scene III.

At teatime, I went up and had a bath while N. P. was conveyed back home. After this I watched the first half of “Young Winston” before coming to bed quite early.

As is evident from today, nothing happened at all. I was eager for the evening to pass because I’m looking forward to Monday. I’ve got loads of homework but for some reason, it doesn’t seem to matter. I’ve been thinking about Saturday evening and how nice Deborah Blakey and Claire Pearson are as people. I know I don’t really know them at all but the novelty of having friends of the opposite sex is ace good.

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