Thursday, October 30, 1980

Thursday October 30th

I went to Easterby today. I hung around all morning and most of the afternoon trying to make up my mind when to go. By the time I finally got going it was nearly four o’clock. One thing I did; on the way down I saw and talked with Claire Pearson and Deborah Blakey who walked down our road earlier. They were hanging around the telephone box and C. Pearson said that they’d been up to Bates’s but he was out so they came down our road to see where I lived. They were going to call but “daredn’t” and so decided to ring me up but had no 5ps. Would I have minded? Funny way to spend a Thursday afternoon I said so D. B. said that they were bored. I said goodbye to them until Monday and couldn’t stop thinking about the incident all day. They’d actually bothered to call round to see me – they were going to ring me up!

In Easterby I went to the Library and got four books out – “Prince Rupert of the Rhine” for Dad’ “Lenin and the Russian Revolution”; “First Blood” (about 1905) and “Battle Royal” (About Simon de Montford and the thirteenth century).

I spent the evening watching television. The US Election is on Tuesday and things are really hotting up now. I hope Reagan doesn’t get in – imagine! A B-grade cowboy as President! The US President is in a similar position to English monarchs of old – so much absolute power in his hands.

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