Tuesday, October 14, 1980

Tuesday, October 14th

A clone of Monday really. Two History and one Biology lesson again. Beaumont and I were going on, only half seriously, about going to University in the USA. He doesn’t want to go to university really, and has hopes of becoming a journalist.

I am struggling here for things to put down. Nothing of note happened at all – totally mundane and as expected. At Art College after school things were much as normal – crudity, insinuation, general toss around.

I’ve become much more aware of the sheer volume of work I’ve got to contend with nowadays. Over the next few days and the coming weekend I’ve got a Biology essay for Newsholme due in on Friday, a History essay for Friday and two English Literature essays, one for Hirst (Monday); and one for Slicer (Wednesday). It’s a good job I’m off on Thursday. [Hastings 1066]

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