Friday, October 3, 1980

Friday October 3rd

All work today, and no rest. After English with Giles, I had triple Biology and then History, and all the time I felt I was missing out on something.

In Biology we did a chromatography experiment to determine the different amino acids present in grass; we won’t know the results until Monday. There were only five of us present; Mark Pittock, Tracey Booth, Jill Davey and Evelyn Aylott + me.

At dinnertime I had intended asking Mr Scott what the title of the debate was to be, but predictably I just didn’t get round to it. I now have to write a debate whose title I’m not even sure of! It’s amazing how quickly you start to feel bogged down by work; already I’m behind-hand with my Biology notes and over the weekend I’ve got to write a History essay, this debate, and rewrite two Biology essays. I also want to go to Athletic v Elmfield, yet I know I can’t afford the time. One thing I definitely intend doing is going into Easterby to buy “Welcome” by Santana, and I also want a scarf.

I felt satisfied today with everything except this oncoming debate – I suppose I should learn to orate well in public – I find it nearly impossible.

Muhammed Ali failed to regain the WBC Heavyweight Title for the fourth time today, he was beaten by Larry Holmes (TKO 10th). I wanted him to win. He’s just too old now, and unfit.

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