Monday, October 27, 1980

Monday October 27th

What can I say about today? Weather once more crummy – it was so bad today that areas of North Wales, Lancashire and Yorkshire were badly affected by floods. In parts, 6 inches of rain fell in 24 hours and Cross Green Bridge was closed to traffic because of the danger from flood waters.

I just couldn’t get up and I dozed fitfully all morning until 1.40 p.m when I finally aroused my bulk. It was pointless getting up – rain outside making it all the more depressing inside – and so I messed aimlessly around with my leagues while listening to Hendrix, Mike Oldfield and Santana. Dad came home at five and we had tea in the front room.

My evening went as the afternoon and I eventually came to bed at midnight after beginning my third season. One good thing – I saw some of the latest Voyager Saturn pictures – they are incredible and I found it hard to comprehend that it was an actual photo’ I was looking at and not a Don Davis painting. This inspired a slight revival of interest in astronomy, especially after seeing Robert’s enthusiasm for everything (it’s quite infectious) and looking through the “Astronomy of Southern Africa” which Robert bought me over the weekend.

Andrew rang mid-evening and Mum said he seemed in a good mood and to be enjoying life. When he asked how I was she told him that I was in a “silent mood” – if I am I’m certainly unaware of it. She even said that Robert had remarked on it.

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