Saturday, October 18, 1980

Saturday, October 18th

I got up mid-morning and after doing nothing I set off for Easterby at 11.30 a.m. Firstly I went to Smiths where I looked at the books there (I bought Dad “The Saxon and Norman Kings" for £1.25p) before setting off to look for some shoes.

I wandered self-consciously into the entrances of several shoe shops before giving it up as a bad job and sauntering up to the other Smiths. There were quite large crowds milling around the new Mini Metros, two of which were parked in the central are of Eastgate Centre; old women gazing at the engine, stroking the doors and little kids sat in the drivers seat etc.; and I decided to have a look before embarking on another attempt.

I eventually bought some Doc Martens at Stead and Simpsons – big, shiny, aggressive boots – and afterwards I felt almost guilty. Lowering-myself-in-other-peoples-eyes type philosophy I suppose, but then the boots are as loutish as the person who wears them.

When I got back, Robert and Carol had arrived – they seem as normal – and then, at two-fifteen, Robert and I set off for Cardigan Park and Athletic v Ryburn United.

The match was quite entertaining but pretty pathetic as far as skills were concerned. Athletic scored through a Newlands header after about 31 minutes and then usual Easterby defensive blunders allowed Ryburn to score. Just after half-time, Ryburn conceded a penalty and Newlands made it 2-1. With Easterby you just can’t rest easy when they’ve got a goal, or two, lead. They’re so capable of cocking things up that it’s a constant test of nerves to stand there as counter attacks and break aways send shots whizzing close. Athletic will never be good – they’re just too inconsistent and unreliable.

I wasted all my evening ‘watching’ television and talking to everybody. We didn’t want the thing on really, we just sat there moronically gazing at the picture. Dad nearly caused an argument by going on about Healey, Foot and Benn all being “communists or ex-communists.” He makes me sick. It was all done deliberately and provocatively I think, to try stir Robert up into a fight, so I said that having “communists” in power was better than having fascists.

An English Literature essay for Hirst on Monday tomorrow!

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