Friday, October 24, 1980

Friday October 24th

I had to rush off my Biology essay in the half-an-hour before setting off. Luckily it wasn’t too hard and I managed to get a side and a quarter of A4 out of it before 8.15.

After all the usual boredom and frustration in Biology and History I was glad that Beaumont was giving a rehearsal of his play in the Drama area. I went along to watch and it was really quite good. They’d got all the set completed, done up to look like a 1930s style living room with tasteless lamp fittings and gruesome furniture yet they needed a radio from which the tape of Duncan impersonating Thatcher is to come. Since we had one I volunteered to go home and get it. I was really glad that I could help so that I’d feel involved.

At home I hunted around in the garage for the radio – I couldn’t find it – so I took Robert’s from my bedroom instead. Dad was just about to set off to pick Mum up, so he gave me a lift down to school. It was really strange in a way. Normally, I live almost schizophrenically in that the two worlds of school and home are completely different. I act and speak differently in each and really the two very rarely intermingle. Yet just for one moment as I carried the radio in through the rain to school and I saw all the things I’m used to during the day, Dad revved the car up and for an instant, the two overlapped.

The radio fitted in very well and after half-an-hour of rehearsals and messing around the sweeper bus came and we all set off home.

Although the intention was originally for me to catch the bus to Swinton in the evening, the weather was so foul, and I was so tired that I just couldn’t face it. For the rest of the evening I was troubled by guilt and pangs of conscience but when Robert rang later on and Mum explained, it was all O.K.

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