Wednesday, October 8, 1980

Wednesday October 8th

Three free periods until 11.59 a.m. and English Literature. Today is one of the only days when we all (by ‘we’ I mean L. Hoy, D. Verity, C. Pearson, D. Blakey, J. Beaumont and I) have free periods together.

I spent my time in the library as usual, doing my Biology homework for Wade which was due in on Friday, 3rd October. Nothing much was said – everyone was too busy working.

Of all the sixth form girls, Claire Pearson is – how can I say – the most bitchy. By bitchy I mean she is less inclined to smile, and sometimes seems in a cold mood. Deborah Blakey on the other hand smiles a lot, seems warmer occasionally, yet it is the former I prefer. I must have a childish infatuation with her or something, because I look forward to my free periods and to dinnertimes. Yet I bet she never gives me a thought. I’m so bloody presumptious. If only I knew.

“Anthony and Cleopatra” with Mrs Slicer was as expected – tiring – as was “Persuasion” with Ms Hirst. Sometimes the English lessons are so dry that I wonder what I’m going to do in the exam. If the lessons are anything to go by I’ll sink without trace.

At home, I fell asleep on my bed while listening to “Moonflower” Sides 1 and 2 and consequently, I had a slight headache on waking up.

I did my drawing for Art later in the evening, two closeups of one of my shoes while listening to “The Swing of Delight” and Charlie Mingus – I may get to like it.

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