Monday, October 6, 1980

Sunday October 5th

The whole of today spent fretting and struggling over my history essay and tomorrow’s debate. I started my essay at twelve, and what with planning and writing it I didn’t get it properly finished until eight-thirty this evening. I find the writing of essays relatively easy – it is the formation of the thing that gets me. My essay ended up exactly four A-4 sides in length. Mum and Dad went out for a run in the car, so I had the afternoon quiet at least.

After finishing my essay I watched “For services rendered,” a W. Somerset Maugham play on TV all about the effects of WW1 on an upper-middle class family. I really enjoyed it, but by the time it had finished it was midnight and I still hadn’t completed (or even started) my debate.

I got into bed and set to work with bits of old paper and a pen and I succeeded to get quite a logical, reasonable argument down all at one go, based mainly on the fact that scientifically, gods shouldn’t exist. It was only short, only about five paragraphs long – but all in all I was pretty pleased with it.

I really did look forward to school today. I’m finding that the sixth form set-up is so much more enjoyable than all my previous schooling, the circulation among people is so much wider. Everything is better.

I went to bed both apprehensive about the debate and excited almost over school.

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